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Workers' Compensation

We understand that, as a worker, it's important to make sure that you are always physically able to do your job—and if you are injured and thereby rendered unable to do your job, it's important to make sure that your medical expenses and all expenses required by law are paid.

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The New Mexico Worker's Compensation Act, §52-1-1 NMSA is in place to protect employees who are injured or disabled on the job and to ensure timely and adequate benefits and/or settlements are provided.

If you have been injured on the job, you may have many questions. Perhaps, you need to know exactly which options are available to you, or you may wonder if your employer has exhibited “bad faith” in the handling of your case. According to NMAC [1- 24-91…6-1-96], bad faith can manifest in the denial or refusal to pay a claim, or “fraud, malice, oppression or willful or reckless disregard of the rights of any party.”

Whatever your case may entail, our legal expertise can help you understand how to proceed and how to make sure your needs are met.

When To Take Action?

While you may not want to “rock the boat” with your employer or cause a stir, if you have been injured while performing your job—no matter how severe the injury—you can qualify for compensation of medical bills or even disability payments.

If you believe that you have a claim, report your work accident to your supervisor or your manager IMMEDIATELY, and then call us today. As with many legal matters, statute of limitations exist within Worker's Compensation claims, and you will want to take action quickly to ensure that we can help guide you through the process and help you to take the appropriate legal steps.

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