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  • Choosing a doctor for a New Mexico workers compensation case.

    One of the most important decisions for an injured worker in New Mexico is choosing a doctor for treatment. As a side note, the New Mexico Workers' Compensation Act contains a procedure for determining whether the injured worker or the employer (and/or workers' compensation insurer) gets to make...
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  • How workers can help improve the New Mexico Workers' Compensation Act

    I believe that the New Mexico Workers' Compensation Act is better than a lot of other workers' compensation systems in the country. However, that does not mean it can't be improved. I consistently hear complaints from clients and others regarding the New Mexico Workers' Compensation Act, and I u...
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  • New Mexico workers' compensation and giving notice of a work injury, especially for a repetitive stress injury

    I've written about the notice requirement in the New Mexico Workers' Compensation Act. I wanted to update my past post because the notice requirement has come up in recent cases. Before I start on this new update on notice for a work injury, I want to recap what I've recommended in the past: IN...
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  • Texting and New Mexico Workers' compensation cases: an update to my November post.

    Texts and texting are almost mandatory for communicating today. For most people they have replaced phone calls, emails and letters. It's undeniable, texting is an incredibly easy and effective way to communicate. HOWEVER, texts should NEVER be used to communicate with an employer, an insurance ...
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  • Deciding to have surgery (or any other offered medical treatment).

    You've  been hurt at work. The good news is that the workers' compensation insurer is paying your money benefits and also paying for your medical treatment. So, you don't have to worry about those things. Fortunately or unfortunately, you have seen a surgeon and she has offered surgery to treat ...
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