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  • Why you need to retain a workers' compensation lawyer

    Why you need a Workers' Compensation Attorney You need a workers' compensation attorney or lawyer for the following reasons: If you have been injured on the job or had a work accident, you're probably entitled to money and medical benefits. A workers' compensation lawyer can ensure you get th...
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  • Unemployment benefits.

    I regularly get inquiries regarding New Mexico unemployment claims. Qualifying for New Mexico unemployment is usually straight forward. However, qualifying for New Mexico unemployment claims can become challenging usually for two reasons: The applicant employee has quit. The employer has fir...
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  • The New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration is currently down two workers' compensation judges. How that may affect your case.

    Unfortunately, the New Mexico Workers' Compensation Administration, the state agency charged to resolve disputed workers' compensation cases, is down two workers' compensation judges. There are only three workers' compensation judges currently working at the Administration. This will most likely ...
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  • Other return to work issues with the New Mexico Workers' Compensation Act

    Several workers' lawyers have told me that some employers and workers' compensation insurers in their cases are trying to misuse the New Mexico Workers' Compensation Act return to work provisions to their benefit and the detriment of the injured worker. I've been told that after a worker is inju...
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  • The New Mexico Legislature in session

    The New Mexico Legislature is in session. At this time, there are no workers' compensation bills. I will update my blog if any workers' compensation bills are filed.
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